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Construction Of Orchards

Construction of orchards

Construction and service for new orchards and prophylaxis, treatment and care of old and sick orchards
Building Of Infrastructures

Building of infrastructures

Constructing agriculture infrastructure, installing and maintenance of modern irrigation and modern greenhouse systems (Israelian technology)
Professional Support

Professional support

Making seminars, workshops and trainings (training of specialists), consulting services for farms
International Certificates

International certificates

Providing international certificates (food, organic and so on)
Azerbaijan Management
and Investment Company
As the company has been operating since 2016, AMIC is confident in achieving its goals. Our main criterion is to provide an agile approach to agriculture, to obtain more products using intelligent sowing technology, and to offer services to our farmers, agronomists and entrepreneurs to facilitate their work, both in the field of education and in the labour market. Projects implemented in such regions as Guba, Gusar, Shabran show that we are honest, neat and professional in our work.
Partner and consumers
Our company works closely with many leading countries in the world as well as local companies. We invite highly qualified specialists to our country to organize seminars and training, and at the same time, the specialists and agronomists and experts of our company visit farms and give consultations.
Our latest projects
One of the main goals of our company is to increase the number of local specialists in our country and to minimize the reliance on foreign specialists. For this purpose, we regularly organize events and cooperate with other companies in this regard.
Our succesfull improvement
From the first day, we started our activity, we thought we would go step by step. Making friends, building successful partnerships, completing successfully the projects entrusted to us, and enjoying the work that has finally come to an end. Let's move Azerbaijan's agriculture to the future together.
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local partners
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